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This year at ByLarm I took pictures for the newspaper VG online edition. Nikon Norge was so kind to lend me a Nikon D800 with a 27-70mm f/2.8 lens. Absolutely amazing! I was a bit nervous about the 36Mp resolution for 3 reasons: slow burst mode, huge files making the workflow cumbersome and low ISO performance. I could not be more wrong. The ISO performance is the best I have seen and also beats Nikon D4 in some tests. It also beats it competitor Canon 5D M3 on still picture ISO noise  The average RAW file became around 25MB large, and with a quick memory card there where no problem. I did however select the files I wanted to keep a bit more carefully so I could save some storage. The detail information you get with 36Mp is amazing. The burst mode is 4 pictures per second, more than enough for concets.

Since I have always been a Nikon shooter I am a bit biased, however the layout and menu structure on the Nikon D800 is just right. I can very quickly access all of the things i want during a concert. I also made a custom menu where I could access the settings when I was not on a concert.

I have a fixed setup on my camera when shooting concerts  Auto-ISO ranging from 200-6400, on manual mode with f/2.8 and shutter 125. I switch between the spot and the spot with a circle around for the light metering. I also sometimes “steal” a light metering from another place by pointing the camera to it, pres AE-L (Auto Exposure Lock) and then point the camera on the subject.

Thank you Nikon Norge!










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